I don’t make this stuff up

Last night Maggie and I attended a very nice wedding on a winery in Stonewall, Texas. Some of our old college friends were also in attendance. And, as we were on a winery, the “fruit of the vine” was in great abundance.

One of our college friends asked me, “Jimmy, are you allowed to drink?”

I suspected that she had religion on her mind, but then again, I am a diabetic and sometimes people ask me about alcohol and diabetes. So I asked a clarifying question, “What do you mean?”

“Since you are a seminarian, can you drink?”

Oh the Bible Belt. How funny you are. I responded, “Of course we can drink. In fact, the seminary often buys us alcohol. And when it’s a nice night like tonight, who wouldn’t want to sit back with some friends and drink some beers?”

I wish I could describe the look on her face. Like I said, I don’t make this stuff up. I think the best part about it was that we were at a wedding, the same event where Jesus himself turned water into wine.


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