the luminescent face

After the golden cafe debacle, Moses once again heads down the mountain with the covenant between God and the Israelites.  But something has changed…after such close communion with the Lord, Moses’ countenance is one of brilliance and radiance.  He encounters God with an unveiled face and is forever changed.

I firmly believe that this is the archetype for the rending of the curtain in the Temple on the day of our Lord’s crucifixion.  The veil which Moses wore to dim radiance of God has been forever torn asunder.  The Temple curtain that separated God from man turned to dust.  The Trinity is known, the Most High is accessible to all peoples, languages, tribes, and nations.  You and I are invited into the Holy of Holies, onto Mount Sinai, and to the Eucharistic table where we meet the risen Lord, and are given his brilliance and radiance.

The veil is no longer, the curtain is gone; God is accessible.  Our countenance can be changed into glory.  What a gift, what a blessing!  Let the light of Christ shine through your face, and remove the veil that has dampened this world’s vision of its Creator.

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