the last hurrah

Not to be overtly mawkish, but today was the last time I got to play on the Trotter Bowl.  Now the Trotter Bowl (for those of you unfamiliar with the seminary) is our athletic playing “field.”  I use the term field loosely because this grassy spot is marred by geese droppings, potholes,  and all manner of undulations throughout.  The Trotter Bowl has singled-handedly sprained more ankles than points the Dow Jones dropped yesterday. 

Yet for all of its menace, the Trotter Bowl is my favorite spot on these hallowed grounds.  Seriously, I have spent more time down there than in the library.  I wonder what that says about me?

Today I hand over that beloved field to a new group.  Fittingly, my team lost in soccer 3-2.  Bummer.  But hey, it’s been a great ride, and these new kids have to know what it feels like to win.  Good-bye Trotter Bowl, be kind to those fresh ankles.

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