Jesus is disturbingly clear: we need to repent.  Every careless word, every (mis)deed, and every ill-conceived action will be brought to account on the Last Day.  Yikes.  We are instructed to follow the example of the people of Nineveh, who, upon hearing Jonah’s prophetic warning, repented of their perverse way of life and followed the Living and True God.

So what of us who have repented?  What about those people you meet in life that do appear to be blameless, that are justified and not condemned by their words and deeds?  Do they also have to repent?  Are they good enough already?

Now, one thing and one thing only can truly save us – the cross and empty tomb of Christ.  But the life of a Christian is to be spent in pursuit of holiness.  Conversion and repentance is a lifelong journey that requires its followers to be honest, dedicated, and faithful.

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