I sing a songs of the saints of God

Maggie and I have moved into our new place!  It’s been an incredibly busy two days, but here we are; moved in and settling down.  So what if we don’t have that much furniture? 

But I’ll have to admit one thing on my part – we didn’t do all of the moving and settling in by ourselves.  A great number of smiling faces have helped along the way.  Like the folks from St. Alban’s who came over to help us unload Maggie’s car and dropped off lunch for us.  Or the two guys who helped us move, Sergio and Santos.  Without them, we’d still be moving boxes.  And even the guy at Starbucks this morning was one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. 

So the saints of God are everywhere.  You can meet them at home, or at churches, or in coffee shops.  The whole kingdom of Christ is present, all you have to do is look around.  Be amazed, the saints of God are everywhere.

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