"I think I got lipstick on your dress."

This evening, I had the honor, joy, and privilege of serving at the wedding of Steve Chudej and Elizabeth Wilson.  It was a fantastic event, full of all the happiness that comes with weddings.  Blessings to the newlyweds!

As the assistant officiant, I had an extraordinary view of the proceedings.  Watching the bride and her mother make their way down the aisle was awe-inspiring; watching members of the bridal party furtive blot away tears was heart-warming.  This wasn’t work for me, it was simply downright fun.

But here’s something that was sort of funny: during the peace, I gave the bride a hug in my flowing cassock and surplice (the big white robes that clergy wear).  Then, after we pulled away she gasped and whispered, “I think I got lipstick on your dress.”  Poor Elizabeth, she was truly upset!  Like I cared, this was her day, and it wasn’t my dress.

One thought on “"I think I got lipstick on your dress."

  1. Great post. Am glad you are finding joy and fun (and humor) in being invited into the most intimate moments in the lives of Christ's flock.
    And just think – it is only Day 3!

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