a day of eucharistic feasting

Well, actually, I didn’t go to a service of Holy Eucharist yesterday.  I never intentionally met with other Christians to share the body and blood of our Lord.  But then again, I did…

Yesterday morning I met with the Men’s Bible study at Lolita’s here in Waco.  Though we didn’t have bread and wine, we did have breakfast tacos and coffee.  And we did quite a bit of talking about Jesus.  And we did share a table together.  In essence, what we did was eucharistic.  We ate and drank together, giving thanks and remembering the work of our God in Christ. (The word “Eucharistic” actually means “thanksgiving.”)

And then I had lunch with Jeff.  Then yesterday evening, I had dinner with some parishioners.  All of these meals were eucharistic in this sense: we were fellow Christians, bound together by our faith, sharing food and drink with one another over a table and giving thanks to our God. 

These meals were eucharistic.  The body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is everywhere.  Will you continue in the apostles’ fellowship and in the breaking of the bread?

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