when we don’t get it

Job just doesn’t get it.  He continues to rail against God in his self-pity and misery: “But I wold speak to the Almighty, and I desire to argue my case with God” (Job 13:3).

That is, Job wants to justify himself before God.  His desire to stand before this vision of the grand umpire of the world and plead his case.  Not even the brightest law students (that’s for you Jesse) could ever hope to conjure up an argument that could defeat the mysteries of the loving God. 

And that’s why Job doesn’t get it.  It isn’t about him and the inconsequential arguments that he manages to create.  Rather, it’s about the great humility of life in God.

F.D. Maurice put it this way when speaking of life in the Trinity:

“My great desire has been to show that we are dwelling in a Mystery deeper than any of our plummets can fathom, – a Mystery of Love.  Our prayers are not measured by our conceptions; they do not spring from us.  He who knows us teaches us what we should pray for, and how to pray.”

Job eventually learns this lesson.  Will we?

2 thoughts on “when we don’t get it

  1. I like to think I'm a pretty good advocate, but you won't catch me trying to argue my case before God. If you're on opposite sides with that guy, you've already screwed something up major. Or you're the subject of a bet, like Job.

  2. Job doesn't get it, but it's ok that he rails as he does…don't forget, his friends don't get it either. Job is rewarded and his friends are told they did the wrong thing.

    The lesson I take is that when we don't get it, it is better to be honest and rail and complain than to pass off someone else's pat answers.

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