let’s review it!

Who doesn’t love a good book review?

Alright, so I’m still trudging through “Ecclesiastical History” by Eusebius.  Instead of boring you with more early church history, I’ll bore you with Anglican theology.

One of my most well-loved and oft-used books is entitled “Love’s Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness.”  This is not a single work; rather, it is a compendium of Anglican writers from the past 500 years.  It’s a hefty volume, I know my biceps are getting super ripped whenever I read it.  But it’s heft comes from its vast coverage of writers. 

There are the famous Anglican writers like Richard Hooker and Jeremy Taylor; lesser known folks like John Jewel or Hugh Latimer; social activists like William Stringfellow; there are liturgical scholars like Thomas Cranmer and Dom Gregory Dix; there are poets like Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, John Donne, and George Herbert.  Really, the entire experience of the Anglican Church is represented in “Love’s Redeeming Work.”

In this single volume I have found spiritual comfort, edification, instruction, and inspiration.  “Love’s Redeeming Work” is one of those books that, because of its immensity, always has something new to say.

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