conspiracy theory

Don’t you love a good conspiracy theory?  And there are a lot of really good (read “outlandish”) ones out there.  The moon landing hoax, global warming conspiracy, JFK assassination conspiracy theories, 9/11 conspiracy theories, One World government theories and on and on.

I think, that like many folks, I pay little attention to these conspiracy theories and move on with my life.  I’m pretty sure we landed on the moon, and I’m pretty sure that is incredibly awesome.

But, every once in awhile, we happen upon a conspiracy that proves to be true.  Seriously, just check out Acts 23.  An angry group of men join in a conspiracy intent on killing the apostle Paul.  By hook or by crook, Paul’s nephew hears about this conspiracy and is able to warn both his uncle and the Roman authorities.  Paul is rescued from the secret plot to take his life.

Perhaps we can learn something from this: the danger of binding ourselves to such covert tasks as killing Paul.  It is frighteningly easy for us to get so wound up and worried about a situation that we lose our common sense and choose to shout down our opponents rather than listen to them.  Rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to move us to new and different places, our fear can drive the Spirit from us and into dark and dangerous places of the soul.

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