Christ the King

As you may know, this upcoming Sunday is “Christ the King Sunday” in Episcopal churches.  Hooray.

But just remember what this means, especially in light of our politically heated atmosphere: Christ is not an American.  He’s not a Republican, a Democrat, a Tea Partyer or even a socialist.  Christ is King.  That’s it.  And we hear all the time about United States of America being a Christian nation.  As a Christian, I find this theologically repulsive.  Jesus Christ is King of all creation, not a President, a Supreme Court Justice, or even a Senator of this particular country.  Jesus Christ is King.

And whereas we envision kings as powerful monarchs sitting on thrones and making royal decrees, Jesus Christ was coronated on a cross.  His crown was of thorns.  The crowds that met this new king were mocking, not cheering him.  Christ did not summon massive royal legions or clutch a scepter – his friends abandoned him as he was being executed.

Christ is King.  A powerless, emptied, fragment of a man hanging on a cross.  That is my king.

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