love letters

How long has it been since you have written a love letter?  I mean a really sweet, loving, caring piece of correspondence.  It doesn’t have to be to your spouse or partner, but it could be to a dear friend or a relative.  And not just a quick email or a text message.  Even more than posting on somebody’s Facebook wall.  Speaking for myself, it’s been a long time indeed.

We often forget that the New Testament is a treasure trove of love letters.  First Thessalonians is just that.  Paul is expressing his deep-seated love for the congregation; and not in a weird, creepy sort of way, but in the truest sense of the word.

Now this is also the time of year when most of us send most of our paper correspondence for the year in the form of Christmas cards.  I plan on my own feet to the fire on this one – I actually want to write love letters to the people I care about.  It’s the deep-seated love that is repairs wounds, makes stronger bonds, and knits together the Body of Christ.

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