I’m just a hard-headed dim-witted priest

Let’s face it: I’m a hard-headed dim-witted priest.  Just because I have a seminary degree and wear goofy clothes on Sunday morning doesn’t make me a scriptural genius.  In fact, I think I’m more prone to make interpretive mistakes because I have to interpret all the time.  And in public.  So it’s doubly embarrassing. 

Last night at our Gospel of John study my good friend Delayne totally blew my mind with a different understanding of the miraculous signs in John and his intimate knowledge of Greek.  Seriously, Delayne knows his stuff.

Personally, I’m thankful for people like Delayne and others.  Without his correcting influence the church can become lost, following a hard-headed dim-witted priest like myself.  In the Body of Christ, we are called to edify one another, offer insight where others are blind, and to teach when others are at a loss for words.

Thanks be to God for the Church – without it, I would flounder in my own dullness.

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