Courtney Drew – witness to the gospel

Last night, Courtney Drew gave us an incredible witness to her relationship with Jesus.  Right off the bat she said, “Once, Jesus hugged me.  He was a tiny African baby at a clinic in Rwanda.”  She described her experience in east Africa and how she sees Jesus in the beaten down and the oppressed.

Then she had another great line, “Once a pimp and a prostitute had a church service in a car.”  In a strange world full of God’s wonder and mystery, a pimp was actually the answer to this prostitute’s prayer.  Were these two people ethical or moral?  Probably not.  But does that mean God can’t turn the worst situations into glorious vision of Christ’s Kingdom?  Absolutely not!

The Holy Spirit has a knack for making terrible situations into powerful opportunities for love.  Slavery in Egypt becomes freedom across the Red Sea.  A cross becomes an empty tomb.  Persecution of Christians doesn’t kill off the faith but rather spreads it out across the entire world.

Thank you Courtney.  Through your words, I have seen the risen Christ.

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