Economics of Revelation

Last night was our final session in our Revelation Bible study.  In chapter 19 of Revelation, the merchants and seafarers wail and mourn for the destruction of that great economic center, Babylon, precisely because they have nowhere to sell their goods.  Their market has been destroyed, and there is nowhere to make a profit.

With these images going through my head, I was blown away when I heard a news story this morning about the state of our economy.  Mary Landrieu, a Senate Democrat from Louisiana, commented on the windfall earnings of the 5 largest oil companies: “They are making profits.  And you know what?  That’s what America is about, it’s about making profits.  And we don’t penalize people for making profits, we congratulate them.”

On the other hand, the saints, apostles, and prophets rejoice at the fall of Babylon the great – that center of prosperity and profit.  The Kingdom of God is not built on profiteering or earnings.  The Kingdom of God is built on sacrifice, not gain; on donation, not hoarding.

I am not trying to make this a political statement – but I think it begs the question: Are we making a profit for Babylon, or are we sacrificing for the Kingdom of God?

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