Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord of the living and the dead

The process of becoming an Episcopal priest is a long and daunting one.  I first sensed my call when I was sixteen.  I was twenty-five when I was ordained.  For nine years I trusted in Christ’s call upon my life, fully believing that I was created to be a priest.

And I still know this is true.  Everyday of my priesthood there is something, some affirmation, that reminds me of who I am and why I am doing it.  I am a priest.  And I do it because God created me to do it.

That being said, my relationship with Jesus changed throughout those nine years.  At first, I saw Jesus as an inaccessible, other-worldly figure.  I was more afraid than anything else.  As I matured I saw Jesus as a friend, a companion.  I had moved from being afraid to being comfortable.

Now my creed is simple: “Jesus is Lord.”  For me, this brings together what I used to think of Jesus.  Yes, he’s powerful and glorious, but at the same time he is also loving and on my side.

Was I wrong at any point along the way?  No, it’s just that my relationship with Christ changed.  And that’s okay.  What really matters is that we are able to take a step back and reflect.  Who is Jesus in our lives?  What’s his role?

Once you start asking these questions, you find yourself lost in a marvelous world of prayer.

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