Genesis – Who We Are

Above all else, the book of Genesis is a collection of stories.  Genesis contains the stories of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and a whole host of other characters.  The stories in Genesis are about God and how people relate to God.
Yet Genesis is not exactly a “nice” book.  There are stories of deceit, murder, and immorality.  This should not shock us.  Since the stories in Genesis are stories about people, then deceit, murder, and immorality are to be expected.
Of course, God has also given us the gifts of peace and happiness.  This Sunday’s reading from Genesis is one story that serves as an example of the joy and love that two people can share.  Isaac, mourning the death of his mother Sarah, finds companionship and comfort in Rebekah. 
This summer, we will be reading through large sections of Genesis in our worship services.  Sometimes, like today, these stories will be happy.  However, some stories may be unsettling.   Through it all, remember that the stories in Genesis are describing the world around us, a world of both pain and joy. 
We must take the stories in Genesis seriously, because the stories in Genesis describe what it means to be a human in relationship with God.

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