Tuesday – Worship

As Episcopalians, the word “worship” usually conjures up some particular images.  We might envision pretty choirs, fancy robes, maybe some incense, and usually the bread and the wine of communion.  Truly, this is worship.  But it is only a type of worship.  Worship is “giving worth” to something.  This means setting aside the time, space, and energy to give worth to that particular thing.
With this definition in mind, no human being could possibly live without worship.  Even the most strident atheist worships something, be it cars, intelligence, or even himself.  At our very core, humanity was created for worship.  All of us, no matter how independent we are, have to worship something, even if it is that very independence.
It follow then that we become what we worship.  If we value independence, we become isolated curmedgeons.  If we value money, we become tightwads or money-grubbers.  If we value God, we become like God.
Herein lies the danger and the blessing.  If we worship the wrong thing, we become the wrong thing.  This is the path to destruction, a life of disarray, chaos, a void of love.  If we worship the right thing, we become like Jesus.  We become lovers, holy partners and friends with God. 
So the form of worship does not matter much.  What matters is the object of worship.  Because the object of our worship is the subject that we become.
Question for reflection: When have you had a worship experience?

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