Saturday – Coming Home

Coming home is a blessing.  We can sleep in our beds, shower in our own bathrooms, eat our own food.  Tired and exhausted, I imagine that many of us will crash onto the nearest sofa and take a long deserved nap. 
Part of coming home, though, means that we need to share what we experienced.  We are different people now that we have returned, and our families and friends need to know how we have changed.  When somebody asks you, “How was the mission trip?” don’t say, “good,” “fine,” “fun.”  Tell them a story.  Tell them who you met and what you thought about them.  Tell them about a meaningful conversation you had or something you saw that made you think about Jesus.
And the connections that you made with one another and with God must be maintained.  Sure, at home it will be different.  But different is not necessarily bad.  The real danger is losing the relationship you have forged, not that the relationship has changed.
Remember, St. Alban’s is a family of God welcoming everyone home. 

Welcome home.  It feels good to be back.

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