With Obedience Comes Chains

Window in old VTS Chapel

Last year the beloved, quirky old chapel at the Virginia Theological Seminary was destroyed in a fire.  After praying there every school day for three years, that space became a sort of spiritual haven for me.  But now it’s gone, and all we are left with are ashes and memories.

One of coolest windows in the chapel is pictured here in this blog post.  It’s a beautiful image of Paul before King Agrippa, boldly proclaiming, “I was not disobedience to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19).

As he is saying this, Paul is bound with chains.  He has been arrested for his controversial teaching that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and that at the End, all people will be raised as well.  Remember, this is good news – death does not reign.

Though it’s good news, it may be hard news.  Paul is obedient to the heavenly vision, and disobedient to earthly authorities who try to convince him to give it up.

Our primary allegiance is to no flag, country, state, or individual.  It is to the Kingdom of God.

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