Old dudes with beards strike again

The Learned and Judicious Divine Mr. Richard Hooker

It’s been a long time since the original Old Dudes with Beards came out in the Diolog last March. I thought it’s time to bring them out again and show them to anybody who missed them.

FYI: The “Diolog” is the quarterly magazine from the Diocese of Texas. For its inaugural issue in March of 2011, I was asked to write a series of columns about a class I taught at St. Alban’s, “Old Dudes with Beards.” In this class, I reflected on four seminal Anglican theologians and how their work influenced our lives and spirituality as Episcopalians.

Here’s the link to the Diolog online (my columns start on page 14):  http://www.omagdigital.com/publication/?i=62992

You’ll notice that there are only three theologians mentioned in these columns. Where did the fourth one go? Well, poor F.D. Maurice didn’t make the cut. Was it because he is relatively unknown, because he was a radical, or because there just wasn’t enough room in the magazine?  We’ll never know…  But I will post my reflections on Maurice here shortly.

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