Holy Week – Photo a Day

There’s a trend in the world of social media called “Photo a Day.” Each month, a group of folks gather together (digitally) and take one photo each day. Plus, each day has a theme or an object.

For instance, in the Photo a Day I am doing, the object for today is “Fork.” Here’s my picture.

A fork among spoons

Maggie and I were talking about this last night and we were struck from a bolt out of the blue. “We should do Photo a Day for Holy Week.” And so this project was born.

Each day of Holy Week will have a theme or an object. Then all of you will take a picture that speaks to that theme or object. You will be able to post them on the St. Alban’s Facebook page or email your photos to me. I will post them in a slideshow on this blog.

For the theme each day, I picked something that spoke to the mood or the scripture lessons for that day. So here’s the rundown:
Palm Sunday – Walking
Monday in Holy Week – Feet
Tuesday in Holy Week – Someone who helped you
Wednesday in Holy Week – Night
Maundy Thursday – A Meal
Good Friday – Wood
Holy Saturday – Hollow
Easter – Laughter
Another cool thing about this project is that anybody can do it! All you need is a camera and some God-given creativity!

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