Dear faithful reader,

Many apologies for my lack of blogging. Turns out that being a rector is way busier than being an assistant rector. In addition, Holy Comforter has welcomed two guest preachers, the Rev. Canon John Newton and the Rt. Rev Jeff W. Fisher, for the past two Sundays. As a result, I have not posted any sermons to my blog. But you can expect to read my sermon for this Sunday.

I am currently in Dallas attending an accounting course for non-financial managers at Southern Methodist University. (Insert laughter here.) Anybody that knows me knows that numbers and I don’t get along. And acronyms are my worst enemies. Needless to say, accounting and I have some issues to work through.

The real purpose of this post, though, is to say this: stay tuned. I promise to keep up my public writing. I’ve been writing my memoirs (no joke – I want to remember all the crazy stuff that happens to me), but I’ve been lax about this. Please forgive me.



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