Springtime in Spring

I played a killer round of golf yesterday at WindRose here in Spring. I owned the front nine and shot a 39 (3 over par). Then something happened on the back nine.

I would like to blame it on the slow group in front of me, but that’s too easy. It was the gorgeous weather. Honestly, I got too distracted by the stark blue sky and the chirping birds. My putting deteriorated as I soaked up the beautiful spring weather (I shot a 47 on the back – but hey, I can’t complain about an 86).

Springtime in Spring. Fitting, isn’t it? Being outside, soaking in the beautiful weather, getting ready for Easter. But I’m a little disturbed about something.

There are really only two places I can spend quality time outdoors in Spring. One is in my backyard. And of course, not everybody has a backyard. The other place is the golf course, and not everybody plays golf.

So where are people in Spring, Texas supposed to enjoy such beautiful weather? This is the first place I have ever lived without a public park or green space. Austin had incredible parks. Alexandria, Virginia had a cool old fort and green space next door to the seminary. Waco has the second largest municipal park in the country. But Spring has nothing.

photo (23)
So glad that Holy Comforter has the best Spring has to offer!

Any suggestions? Or better yet, how can we get the word out that Holy Comforter owns one of the larger, open green spaces around?

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Spring

  1. There is a church on spring cypress and 249 that has a frisbee golf course.
    A couple of more picnic tables and maybe horse shoe puts or something like that would be nice.

    Perhaps a basketball goal or two with some lighting over in the parking lot to the left of the building.

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