Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Her

Some dear friends in Waco just notified me about the death of my friend and spiritual director, Barbara Wells.

Let light perpetual shine upon her.

Barbara had the guts of Martin Luther, the compassion of Clare, and the insight of Julian. An untimely born Episcopalian, she committed herself to the mystical and spiritual element of our faith. Barbara was a kind spiritual director, meaning she wouldn’t listen to my waffling.

My favorite moment in my time with her came as I was discerning this call to Holy Comforter. I was going back and forth, talking about all of the different pros and cons; really, I was just blathering.

Barbara stopped me, and in her cutting Texas drawl, reprimanded me, “Jimmy. You just need to sit in God’s lap.”

And I suppose I did. To sit, be quiet, and listen rather than prattle. I will carry her exhortation my whole life.

I know I am but one of a great cloud of mourners touched by Barbara. The women she helped in prison, the souls like me who sought her direction, and her beloved family all lost something yesterday.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

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