The Cynic’s Shame

On my way into the Conroe Regional Hospital for a visit with a parishioner, I saw this in the parking lot:photo (10)Usually when I see something like this, I default to my cynical mode. Sure, this person puts that on their car but probably doesn’t go to church.

But wait – it’s got an Episcopal sticker. Hold on, Episcopalians do that? They put Bible verses on their car windows?

But wait again – I know that car! That car belongs to another parishioner! Come to find out, the owner of this car has been caring for the other parishioner who is in the hospital. The owner of the car has been making sure the other one is getting the right meds, is comfortable, and is recovering from surgery.

I know the owner of this car. And you know what? She talks the talk and walks the walk. Even more, she knows that if God loves us, it’s through other people that we experience that love. That’s why she in the hospital room caring for another person; because God loves us.


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