Today in the life of the Church we celebrate and remember St. Luke the Evangelist (the guy who wrote down the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles).

Yesterday I was playing tennis with my good friend who is the Greek Orthodox priest in Spring, and we started talking about St. Luke the Evangelist. (Yes, priests actually have these conversations.) We talked about some other Christians we remember that have received some sort of title, like St. Symeon the New Theologian, St. John the Baptist, or St. James the Just.

Of course, the conversation turned to us (because all priests are uncontrollable egotists). If I died today, what title would I receive? How would people remember me? My buddy jokingly said, “Jimmy the Tennis Player.” I surely hope not.

But this raises a serious spiritual issue: how do you want to be remembered? If you were to be remembered in the Christian calendar, what would you want your title to be?

“…the Gossip.” “…the Faithful.” “…the Patient.” “…the Crooked.” “…the Generous.”

What it all boils down to is this: how we behave today will be how we are remembered. If you are a jerk now, expect to be remembered as a jerk. If you are gracious now, expect to be remembered as gracious.

Put your energy – indeed, your life – into how  you wish to be remembered at death.

2 thoughts on “…the…

  1. If we are concerned and behave in a manner pleasing to God we never need to worry about what people think of us now or when we die, God knows our heart and people see our actions, Sometimes people expect more from us but, God knows if we are trying

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