For All the Saints

Today is the great feast of All Saints’ Day. On this day the Church remembers and celebrates the heroes of our faith who have died.

Maggie and I have a spiritual practice that developed out of All Saints’ Day. When we sit down to dinner we read the biography of the saint for that day from the book, “Lesser Feasts and Fasts.” This has been incredibly formative practice. Some of the great heroes (and lesser known heroes) have captured our attention. Who knew that Bishop Brent gave us that wonderful collect for mission at Morning Prayer? Who knew that Macrina was really the boss of her more famous brothers, the Cappadocian brothers? Who knew Latimer and Ridley were burned together at the stake? I do now, and their witness has inspired me to follow the Lord Jesus, regardless of the cost.

I hope you join me for All Saints’ worship tonight at 7:00 PM or Sunday morning as we remember our heroes.

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